Artist Statement

Artist Statement

There Lie Gardens is an ongoing body of work that is fragmented into smaller series or individual artworks. The subject matter revolves around barriers and borders humans create to connect, consume, and experience nature. 

I believe the core identity and narrative of who and how we became, are and will be is rooted in land and its resources. Land is our means of sustenence, and essential to the growth and preservation of cultures, societies, commerce, and ecosystems. In history and present day, land management has dictated ownership and discrimination; allowed access to food, water, and energy; delienated wealth and poverty; evolved liberation and oppression; and enabled choice and development. Many political and sociological issues arise from land - who can have rights and where, what piece of land makes up a nationality, where one can and cannot live, if a person or people have power or none... The basis for many of these decisions is who owns or governs property, or the lay of the land, and who does not.  

We face many obstacles in the future- lack of natural resources, inability to produce food, mass immigration, increase of land wars and invasions, pollution of the earth, alterations of weather and climate, and extinctions of species... These challenges arise from the negligence and inability to manage land for the benefit of all peoples.

Many know and understand this, and have created or are creating different approaches, solutions, and aspects of human interaction with land and its functionality. The utilization and development, utility and wealth distribution, spiritualism and religion, are but a few. 

This body of work is a reflection of my curiosity in finding those solutions and developing an understanding of how land affects us, how we affect land, and what we do with that knowledge.